waiting for god

apparently there are good noises coming out of lambeth - we shall see of course from monday what happens when the dust settles and the protagonists and antagonists lift their heads up once more to comment on the all important issues, ie sex.

i live in hope that those who are determined not to see the holy spirit moving at lambeth will not merely release a pre-scripted piece standing against it - as nick baines says on his fulcrum blog 'My further problem is that, as I have indicated elsewhere, even if Lambeth delivered the Second Coming, GAFCon would oppose it.' - it is worth reading that whole blog post with the date stamp 2nd aug, 12.21am (unfortunately you can't link to the actual post, just cos of the way it's set up)

john coles of new wine tells me that if lambeth delivers a covenant with teeth then GAFCON can fold, but I doubt that would happen. I think that this is a power struggle and those who are into that kind of thing rarely wish to relinquish power.

the other thing that struck me about what nick said was something that came out of their bible studies at lambeth - 'it is weakness (and an absence of illusions) that challenges power - not simply greater power that overpowers power.'

i'm sure there's a biblical precedent but it eludes me.....

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