f is for feminist pain in the arse

feminist is a horrible word isn't it? or rather it conjures up some pretty cringeworthy images - hairy legs, ranting, boobs sagging from years of not being allowed to wear a bra (i never got that one, seems wholly painful to me)

and for christian women, well, if there's one adjective you're meant to do your utmost to avoid, it's this one - even for those who are not of the 'headship' brigade, being a feminist christian woman is seen as 1. a denial of the goodness of the male/female relationship, 2. a judgement on those women who are happy in a calling to catering and baking and 3. a general affirmation that it's okay to be a pain in the arse when you simply have to point out the entirely sexist premise on which some point has been made (just doesn't make for good small talk at bring and share lunches)

any real foray into feminist theology entirely blows two of these out of the water.

yes, i did say two. you see there is no christian feminist worth their salt who doesn't at some point elaborate on the fact that the whole point of christian feminism is that the affirmation of both sexes is foundational to that image of God thing that we're imprinted with. quickly following this must be a statement about the fundamental goodness of cakes - whether made by men or women - and so no judgement about the making of them.

now....the being a pain in the arse thing. sorry, i'm coming to the conclusion that there is no other way. most people don't see the sexism and, if you're a feminist (male or female), you do. your choices are this, 1. smile sweetly and look the other way, hoping that someone else in the group will pick it up, or simply that your semi-non response will move the conversation in a more edifying direction, unfortunately this makes you a collaborator, 2. point out the blatant sexism and watch tumbleweed drift by, 3. make a witty quip, if you can think of one, which hopefully makes the point whilst preventing you from being struck off their next party list (of course you can never be struck off the list of church parties because they have to love you - thus feel free to be a pain in the arse, it's just that they'll really hate you - in love)

ah, the joys of being liberated.......


Rachel said...

like it...good post...can relate

Made a decision on Ridley or St John's yet?
love Rachel (Re vis.e Re form)

jody said...

argh, no, it's much harder than I thought!