women as leaders, strategists and visionaries?

inspired by this web photo from granger community church i was reminded that most people wouldn't find it off-putting that there were no women present in the senior leadership team of a church/parachurch organisation.

anyway, i just thought i would look up a few well known churches/organisations (including fulcrum - but i knew about the lack of women on our team already....) and was still slightly shocked by what I saw.

you can make up your own mind.......

new wine leadership (being married to the guy doesn't count....)
st andrew's chorleywood
holy trinity brompton
christ church central, sheffield
fulcrum (i'm on the case)
evangelical alliance
those who recommend alpha (seriously lost heart at this one - jackie pullinger appeared way way down the list)
greenbelt (the winner by a long way!)
spring harvest


karen freeman said...

Hi Jody - just found your blog, linked from the fulcrum site. :wave: Good stuff. I'm an Anglican ordinand (final year) and can really relate to a lot of what you are writing about. Keep up the good work.

jody said...

hi karen, thanks! :-)

where are you training? found a curacy yet?

yeah, it drives me mad when even those organisations or churches which seem to be for women in leadership, still don't get that they actually need to be intentional about having any on their own leadership teams!

karen freeman said...

I'm training on the Northern Ordination Course (NOC) - I made it into the final intake of that course before it closed its doors and metamorphed into the Yorkshire Ministry Course. It wasn't practical to go residential, alas. NOC has been a good course, though.

Yes, I have found a curacy - hallelujah! It seems a perfect fit - but it is still a bit *hush* so I cannot say where it is yet!

I just cannot wait to get started!