i was tagged by tim to list five people who have influenced my spiritual path, so here goes (with the girlies I'm using their names prior to marriage because that's when i met them and it's a trip into those memories):

1. dani jell: when i moved to maidenhead at 13 i became friends with dani, who happened to be a christian and shared her faith with me. i guess that this was a significant friendship on my own faith journey - i remember 'praying the prayer' at a sleepover at her house (how very evo of me :-). she also is the most amazing singer.

2. kate langdon: after i dropped out of uni i spent loads of time with kate and she walked with me as i found my way back to faith - kate is now part of the nehemiah project in brum and is such a fab role model for women leaders, and people in general! (she's now kate pearson)

3. sam beckmann: sam has been one of my best friends for about a decade, she is passionate about jesus, a 'real' person in every way and a good practical theologian and baptist minister - doesn't let me get away with anything!

4. john colwell: without a doubt my tutor in doctrine and ethics has been one of the most formational people for me over the last nine years since beginning my training. he oozes love for jesus and he teaches with such passion that you can't help but get swept along.

5. brian mclaren: you might have heard of him. second only to john above, he is probably responsible for some of the most, ahem, heretical things i might think.......

i tag dennis, jon, and maggi


andy goodliff said...

John Colwell is a legend!

jody said...

without a doubt one of the best people