the cup

the cup holds all things
my hopes, my dreams
is it empty
or full?

the cup holds all things
the stuff of life that overwhelms
filled to the brim
what if it spills?

the cup holds all things
the wrath which will save me
if i drink
will i stand?

the cup holds all things
the wine of the banquet
offered freely
come, drink!


Tim Goodbody said...

Jody this is great. Would you mind if I used it (properly credited) as the invitation to communion tomorrow please?

Rachel said...

Sorry Jody - but whilst you're feeling creative.

I've tagged you - hope it's not a hassle

Love Rach

Tim Goodbody said...

they loved it.
Will probabaly use it at Midnight on Christmas eve too

jody said...

thanks Tim, am very glad for it to be used and enjoyed :-)

just out of interest how do you use it in your context?


jody said...

i mean in terms of liturgy, form etc......

Tim Goodbody said...

I put it just before the prayer of humble access and after the draw near with faith bit