today creed

rachel tagged me to take part in a creed meme that started here and i decided to do one that is a very specific contemporary one - because in the last three months we've known sickness and because today my friend's husband lost his job and because sometimes we get tired and just need a friend. it isn't one for always, it is for today.

we believe in God
the healer of healers
master above masters
friend of friends

she is beyond
she is above
she is with
she is Father Son Spirit

i tag dennis, maggi, jon


David Ker said...

Is there a feminine form of master? Mistress doesn't seem quite right...

Thanks for joining in.

Jane said...

they use it on boats m'dear

I rather liked this one

jody said...

y'know i didn't really think of master in that way - much the same as i would call someone an actor regardless of gender.


i guess it also makes the point that for God is beyond gender - rather than simply cement a different gender?

Jane said...

teacher abover teachers?
guide above guides?

I really liked your creed and will try and translate something like it into French for my feminist theology group over here


David Ker said...

You guys are cool. (Gender punning in American English with feminists...)

David Ker said...

Mastress! That's what me and my sibs like to jump on until the bed breaks. Gaw.

jody said...

yeah, i guess i was trying to find a better way of saying 'employer of employers' - to fit with my friend's experience of loss of employment. it was in that context really. i'll be interested to know what your feminists think of it. (are u in france btw, or is that just an extra linguistic challenge for you :-)

hey dave, when do i get a lingy? :-)