today we visited many houses - we may end up living in one of them as we travel cambridge way in the summer.

the children are sometimes happy, they can sometimes see themselves in cambridge and sometimes they can't imagine what moving away from the only place they've ever known will be like.

i've lived in maidenhead for 20 years (apart from a brief traumatic sojourn to brum uni for 8 months), so i have some of those emotions too. i trust God, i know what moving is like, having done it a number of times as a child, so i know that it will be okay. i also know that i quite like meeting new people and making friends, which helps.

so in some ways this is a big God adventure, which draws me in and gives me excited little flutterings in my stomach, wondering what will come next, trying not to map my whole life out after this point. but it's one thing riding the wave for yourself, and another riding it shotgun, as my husband and kids will be doing.


Rachel said...

I'm loving listening to your journey, Jody
- such a God-adventure, indeed!

love Rachel

dennisthemennis.co.uk said...

God be with you guys Jody.