i've just sent in the final draft of my dissertation, having gone through it after comments from my supervisor, and am hoping that once i receive that back i can pretty much get on with the practicalities of printing off and binding - two copies - and getting my essays together to hand in too.

this all needs to be done by 1st may, so that i can graduate in june.

it's weird being at the end of all this, end of dissertation means end of degree, end of journey that started almost ten years ago, and it's also linked with the end of my time here in maidenhead, as really the call that took me to spurgeon's many moons ago, was the same call that is taking me to cambridge, and beyond.

lots of endings. and i know that this means beginnings too - new house, new community, new college, new course. lots of good things that go with endings.

it's satisfying too - almost a decade of work, in which i had two children, left one church, joined a new one, experienced mental illness and heard the call to ordained ministry - i think i did quite well :-)

it's still a bit weird tho - but i quite like the fact that i've kinda 'weened' myself off being at college over the last year or so, doing less modules at college and doing all my dissertation at home. at times that's been a bit isolated, i really enjoyed having people at college that i could talk with, sadly it's not the same at church and i do find myself having to be careful what i say and in what context - it's different being a student where i can say strange things and nobody wonders if i've lost the plot :-) - but i'm at the point now where i am sooooo ready to graduate and begin something new.

so this is it - the beginning of the end of something, as we navigate the next five months in order to 'leave well' i guess there will be all sorts of things that end in order to give space to the beginnings.

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dennisthemennis.co.uk said...

I hope the begining of your ending and your new beginning is filled with amazing stuff Jody.