'women will change the church forever'

so says my lovely friend stephen in this article

stephen is one of the most prominent voices that i've come across in his advocacy of women in ministry - he puts his money where his mouth is in a way that i am constantly blessed by his consistency in this arena, he just doesn't let up, or let things slide, when even i might run out of energy.

so, thanks stephen, you're a star :-)

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Jane said...

Thansk for the link to a good article.
I come from a church that has - to some extent - been ordaining women since 1917.
I am frightened that the C of E is still having such problems accepting women's leadership - is the gospel really so much about compromise and the church only about trying to make everyone happy all of the time?
The C of E has actually denied itself the best leadership in many dioceses because women have not been able to be called to oversight - many of the most talented women priests of their generation will be too old by the time legislation becomes effective.
The other side to this of course is that yes women do change the church BUT what is actually being denied is that clergy women and men are today inheriting a very, very different church