there is such an interesting conversation going on at jonathan's place, particularly this post which calls out the new conservative emergent type organisation 'origins' on their lack of female representation on the website (something that has now been changed because of this conversation) - this is a movement that he is extremely fond of and is encouraging of in most other respects, he simply points out the problem (as he says 'the problem is still the problem')

it is really interesting because it reminds me of my comments regarding new wine, and it is a similar conversation going on on the the other side of the pond - however, they seem a little ahead of the game in terms of discontent at the status quo.

his post got 60 comments - overwhelmingly the women were saying versions of 'yeessssss', however the male response is anthropologically interesting and much more mixed, there's various stages of denial present, as well as those who seem to heave a sigh of relief that jonathan has voiced their own deeper thoughts.

but please go and have a read.

and then pray for those men who will step up for their sisters (because i think jonathan got quite a bit of flack for this.....)

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Jonathan Brink said...

Jody, thanks for the post. I did get some flack for this. But what I learned is that us men are incomplete without you women. So when it looks like I'm fighting for you, I am also fighting for my own restoration.
Much love.