i have now found a new favourite route on my bike - along the thames towpath to dorney lake. dorney lake is the olympic rowing lake for 2012. it is really very beautiful despite (for me) the fact that it is not a natural lake. there's a 5k track round it used for all sorts of things like cycling, running, rollerskating, rollerblading, pushing buggies, walking, sitting on the side of.

it also has a really mean wind tunnel effect, which means that going down one side feels like bliss as you speed along at 15mph wondering at the marvel of bike travel and going up the other is like battling a force 10 gale, as you slip into first gear, and ducks pass you.

that notwithstanding, it's a pretty cool place to get your excercise kicks.


Jenny Baker said...

I've done a few triathlons at Dorney Lake and I agree about the wind tunnel - it's hard work! But a great course to do because it's relatively flat.

jody said...

yeah, i like it for that - on a pretty cheap, 5 gear bike, there's only so many hills i can do!

but i like the towpath bit to get there too, it's a bit more rough.