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been thinking a bit about where i've come from. my origins, my influences, the things that have shaped and formed me. why i am the person i am is made up of lots of different things which, i guess, will never quite be explained, even if robert winston wants to pin it down to some synapse which didn't connect properly.

so, this is where i started out - a council flat in aberdeen city, close to the centre. i remember playing in the gardens. our flat was the one in the top left hand corner. my dad used to have to carry our bikes down from the store cupboard on the landing outside our flat (also used for storing potatoes, big huge bags of them because it was cheaper)

one winter me and my sister were playing 'hide the gloves' under the piles of snow that inevitably came every winter. needless to say, this game had a flaw. we found those gloves in the spring as the snow melted. (on the right hand side of the stairs)

you can't see it from this angle, but behind this flat, there are about ten others, exactly the same. i remember, as a child, feeling really safe in my flat, but that somehow the others were 'unknown' and dangerous. once you were in the flat and up the stairs, there was no way out - which was fine if it was your place, but not so if someone was chasing you. we knew all our neighbours in our flat you see, but in the 'other flats', it could have been the boogie man, you never knew.

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