it's not the dentists you have to worry about - it's the oral hygienists that are the sadists. my gums are only just about recovering from this morning. bleh.


Tim Goodbody said...

I had an hour on Monday. The cynical bit of me thinks that hygienists are only there to get your money.

Rachel said...

I went to the hygienist a few months ago. it's weird - it is me at my most vulnerable. I'm so uncomfortable, having those people pour over me and interfere with me and then i always dream about my teeth falling out and stuff.

The first time I went to my DDO in Feb and i was grilled, I recaptured some type of weird feeling and it was only after the meeting that I realsied it was pretty much the same feeling I'd had the week before at the hygienist. Putting yourself through the selection process is actually a lot more uncomfortable-making than the surrendering your life to God bit - he gives such gifts - I've been reflecting a lot on vulnerability of late and my time at the dental hygienist actually helped me to get to grips with these emotions - it's kind of about trust isn't it and whilst it's very painful - the smile as a consequence is only bigger and whiter - a bit like with God really

God bless