Fleshy Hearts and Tissue Paper Skin

Thanks to everyone who looked at, voted, commented on the poll that I created to ask the question of what we're thinking on same-sex relationships.

You can find the results here: http://poll.pollcode.com/oqjjd_result?v

Of course a poll is just a poll.  We cannot draw evidenced conclusions about exactly what everyone thinks in depth on the issue.

And of course that was never the point.

So what was the point?

Simply this - to find out if there was a conversation to be had within my own constituency.

And it seems there is.

We need to have a serious reality check here. For those of us in the evangelical wing we are so good at keeping quiet for fear of being disowned.

This is understandable.  I've been there and continue to feel the pull of belonging.  But in the end, be under no illusion, belonging at the expense of your integrity, it is death to the soul.

Let me be clear, I don't have a worked out theology or ethic on sexuality.  What I do know is that I do not want to be part of anything where the conversations, the questions, the doubts, the compassion, the mistakes, life stripped bare, squashy fleshy hearts and tissue paper thin skin are considered things to be ignored or defeated or that somehow they have nothing to do with theology or ethics.

So here's the deal.  There's a conversation to be had.  Let's have it.

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