What DO Open Evangelicals Really Think About Gay Relationships?

This post is short but sweet - I really really want to know where the Open Evangelical mind is on permanent gay relationships. [note: to respond to the question below, I am assuming there will be a sexual aspect]

We have had a lot in the press because of the marriage bill and Christians are making all kinds of statements all over the place.

Soooo, here's a little poll to try to draw together an idea of where Open Evos are at.

If you don't identify with the Open Evo label, you're welcome to comment - as is everyone taking the poll anyway - but I'd quite like the poll to reflect where my own particular constituency are at, thanks!

Go for it.......

What is your primary response to permanent same-sex relationships?
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Anonymous said...


Can you just clarify if you are referring to celibate relationships which has a bearing on the question

Jody Stowell said...


No, I'm talking about our thoughts on permanent gay relationships, with a sexual element assumed, as in hetero marriages.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly my primary response is not listed in your questionnaire. Which is that homosexual relationships are sinful and condemned (the relationship, not the person) by God as abonimable. This is not just my primary responce but Gods as clearly detailed in His Word. As a sexual sin if committed by Christians it is regarded worse than other sins because it is sinning against the body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
Some evan's now try to justify this sin by comparing it to other things the bible speaks against but which many today accept. Namely woman in leadership roles with in the church. Feminists have a lot to answer for because in seeking to go against Gods plan and design as detailed in His word they have opend a door which cannot be closed and started us on a slippery slope to where we are today:- Our National and religious leaders being so arrogant they think they can redefine Gods word because it no longer suites the society we live in....

Jody Stowell said...

Dear anonymous

ah yes, the 'women priests are the slippery slope to hell' argument.

Not a surprise to hear that I don't think this.

And that is the point of the poll - to try to hear how people are understanding scripture, interpreting experience and recognise a breadth in opinion.

I suspect you missed the point.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous

I don't agree with the vitriol in Anonymous' post, but I do think that there are other responses to the issue that aren't elicited in the four responses you have in your poll.

Sometimes what you write is extremely informative and even-handed, but I'm afraid sometimes it verges on falling into the "intolerance of others' intolerance" realm. What we understand as acceptable or unacceptable intolerance (ie what's permissible as "opinion" and what's unfair discrimination) is still debatable, but I sometimes think you miss this in the rush to champion your own causes.

I hope that this was respectful. I agree with so much of what you say - almost all, in fact. But I sometimes feel frustrated about the tone.

Jody Stowell said...

Hi Anonymous number 3

I'm not sure why you think this is 'intolerance of intolerance'? The poll is just a way of taking the temperature of Open Evo thinking - which is including those who don't think gay relationships fall within the remit of faithful Christian discipleship (I don't think the response given to 'tick' was ungraciously phrased?)

Also, you've made an assumption about my own 'cause' - if I have a cause at all, it's to get people to admit that they're thinking about it and to have the discussion. I can't bear the closed down nature of this particular topic.