collecting stories

WATCH is collecting the stories of women in leadership, asking them to talk about the way that they lead, what that looks like to them.

there will be new stories from now until next july, charting the course to that moment in the history of the church of england and its story with women bishops.

here is the link to my own contribution, please take a look, and also at the stories of other women in leadership as they work to be obedient to their calling, serve the people of God and remain faithful even in the face of prejudice, ambivalence and, sometimes, just plain rudeness.........


Terry Wright said...

Interesting reading, Jody. As someone who's not ordained (!), I agree with you about the idea of being present in the parish - very incarnational! The last thing the Church needs are more CEOs.

Jody Stowell said...

indeed terry

i guess i see my ordained-ness, as being about being the catalytic symbol of that incarnational presence.

it's a reminder of the call to everyone to become themselves and to live for God in the place that they are.