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What is the Bible?
A book, a text, sacred, holy,
What is it for, is it high or lowly?
Some claim it is simple,
Obey or rebel
The rules are easy
Choose Heaven, or Hell.
Others say complex, diverse, hard
to get hold of. Does it soothe or jar?
We speak of depth, taste,
sustenance and meat.
Like hot rich chilli
Makes you whole, complete.
A story that fills your belly,
Better than any spewed from the telly.
Filled with the dramatic,
Inspiring to truth
Those who live it, their
lives telling its good.
Wisdom of God spills from inside,
Does it call us, keep us, cause us to hide?
Challenging assumption.
Yet draws us to thrive,
in spite of ourselves.
We are found alive.

With thanks to all who contributed from Twitter: 

@nursie_nigel @simon_p_thomson @acdyw @VicarOfDishley @sutties @theosoc @swile67 @citzgirl @shinybluedress @AngieLetteboer

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