finding voice

I've been thinking lately about 'voices'.

all the different voices that we hear and hearing God's voice through that and responding with our own distinctive voice.

what does it mean to have a voice? what should we, as God's people, be doing to liberate the voices of those around us? particularly the voices of the oppressed, who might think that their voices are not heard, or not worth being heard.

Voices are beautiful on their own and beautiful when heard together too, they don't lose their distinctiveness and the whole is beautiful in a way that the separate voices cannot be.

If we drown out the voice of the 'other', whether that is by stamping them underfoot or by singing louder, then we create a rupture in the whole harmony.

but even if we were all singing and every voice was heard, the beauty of the whole harmony is not dependent on the voices alone, it is dependent on their noise being a response to the One True Voice - that calls all of Creation to respond.

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